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New records of pseudoscorpions for the fauna of the Bükk Mts., Northeast Hungary (Arachnida: Pseudoscorpiones)

Keywords: Pseudoscorpions , Hungary , Carpathian elements , Bükk Mountains

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A research was carried out to explore the pseudoscorpion species composition of the Bükk Mts., NortheastHungary. During the survey seventeen species were recorded of which twelve are new to the area and four species [Chthonius(Chthonius) carinthiacus Beier, 1951, Chthonius (C.) diophthalmus Daday, 1888, Mundochthonius carpaticus Rafalski, 1948,Chernes similis (Beier, 1932)] are new to the fauna of Hungary. Five species, Microbisium manicatum (L. Koch, 1873),Neobisium (Neobisium) seminudum (Daday and T m sváry, 1880), Neobisium (Blothrus) minutum (T m sváry, 1882), Roncus euchirus (Simon, 1879) and Rhacochelifer uadrimaculatus (T m sváry, 1882) were removed from the list of the Hungarian pseudoscorpion fauna.


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