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Uropodina mites of East-Africa (Acari: Mesostigmata) I.

Keywords: Acari , Mesostigmata , Uropodina , East-Africa , new species

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Five new Uropodina species (Afrotrachytes longicaudatus sp. n., Polyaspis africanus sp. n., Trigonuropoda gerei sp. n., Trigonuropoda takacsi sp. n., Macrodinycus alveolaris sp. n.) are described from East-Africa (Tanzania and Kenya). They belong to four genera (Afrotrachystes KONTSCHáN, 2006, Polyaspis BERLESE, 1881, Trigonuropoda TR GARDH, 1952 and Macrodinychus BERLESE, 1917), short description of genera are given. With 33 figures.


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