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Notes on the distribution and taxonomy of the Ecuadorian Uropodina mites (Acari: Mesostigmata)

Keywords: Acari , Uropodina , new species , new records , taxonomy , Ecuador

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Comments on the generic and subgeneric concept of Neotropical Uroseius Berlese, 1888 species are presented. The family Cillibidae is discussed with resurrections of the genus Ungulaturopoda Hirschmann, 1984 and the subgenus Laqueaturopoda (Hiramatsulaqueata) Hirschmann, 1984. Three new species; Uroseius loksai, Uropoda ecuadorica, and Clivosurella pilosa spp. nov. are described and an invasive European Uropodina species Uropoda minima Kramer, 1882 is recorded for the first time from the Neotropical region.


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