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Checklist of oribatid mites from “Cape Martyan” Nature Reserve (Ukraine), with redescription of Paralopheremaeus hispanicus (Ruiz, Kahwash and Subías, 1990) and description of Ctenobelba martyanensis sp. nov. (Acari: Oribatida)

Keywords: Fauna , checklist , redescription , new species , Cape Martyan Nature Reserve , Ukraine

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An annotated checklist of oribatid mite taxa (85 species, 72 genera, 41 families) in “Cape Martyan” Nature Reserve (Ukraine) is provided. Paralopheremaeus hispanicus (Ruiz, Kahwash & Subías, 1990) is redescribed in details. Ctenobelba martyanensis sp. nov. is described and illustrated. The new species can be distinguished from all representatives of the genus by having very widely dilated notogastral setae


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