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The Possibility and the Limits of the Structuralist Analysis in the Context of the Sociological Theories

Keywords: Modernism , subject , structuralism , evolutionary history , post- structuralism , discourse , power.

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The Concept of subject representing the central position in the modern social sciences has been criticized seriously by the structuralism, putting the structure instead of the subject. In addition to this, the structuralism has criticized the understanding of evolutionist history which is from the basic features of the modern thought. The criticism of subject in the structuralism have been transformed to the post- structuralism, by making it more radical. The post-structuralism claims that the plurality of the meaning and the diversity of the life are compressed by the scientific theorizing. The post-structuralism aims to contribute solving the problems of the meaning of the cultural systems, emphasizing the playings of the meanings and the plurality. Demonstrating the relation between the discourse and the power, Foucoult discovers how the modernity transforms the individuals object of domination.


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