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Philosophical Background of Justice and Freedom Concepts in Koroglu Epic

Keywords: Justice , Freedom , Injustice , Epic , Heroism , Turkish Folk Tale.

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Each individual and social form, depending on its social conscience and common sense, reflects its own concepts that carrying the same intentional emphasis, conception, comprehension and emotions in a specific expression framework. The sense that “Justice” and “Freedom” concepts refer, causes embodying behaviours in personal and social life as a result of the reflection of similar perception and conscious. In an environment where the impulse of justice and freedom is destroyed, consciousness depending of this impulse propels the individual and society to the satisfied behaviours. In Koroglu Epic, one of the most famous Turkish folk tales, in contrast to the fact that justice and freedom impulse are not reflected in individual and social life under normal conditions, how satisfaction of these impulses returned to a solid struggle in Koroglu and his friends’ story. Against the fact that universal human impulses are manipulated and exploited as it is seen in Bolu Beyi’s example, it is told how the governed people reacted and turned that reaction into a struggle. During this struggle, social opposition that arised from the impulse of justice and aesthetic form of human emotions in this opposition come into existence. Koroglu Epic is not only important for the topic, but also for the epic language, poetic expression, and the way of reflecting the depictions together with imaginations and images of those depictions in a poetic expression. Through the Koroglu Epic, we confront with a literary genre which worths to investigate by means of understanding the originality in ideas and mental ability of Turkish society to perceive the concepts. Philosophical background that this literary genre contained provides exempification for understanding the philosophical content of works in Turkish Folk Literature. In the context of Koroglu Epic, it is resulted that reflecting forms of human sensation and perception in Tukish people’s imagination is investigated. This study provides a good example of Turkis people’s linguistic and aesthetic ability in addition to mentality and perception. Based on this example, an attemp is actualized to understand imagination and phisolophical thinking ability of this society.


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