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Spiritual Foundation of the Asian Civilizations: The Unity of Verity, Beauty and Divinity in Buddha and Rūmī

Keywords: Archaeology of religion and art , awakening of the being , Buddha , Mawlānā Rūmī , divine love , the holistic insights of Asian cultures , techno-scientific civilization.

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What makes so many diverse Asian peoples and countries sympathize with the notion of the Asian Community? In spite of the apparent difference of religion, culture, language, race, etc, we can feel that something spiritual emanating from the bottom of our Being leads us to share the open mind of the true community. If our academic efforts succeed to find the self-identity of the Asian Community in this dimension of the Being, the plurality and diversity will have the celebrating meaning of creativity and richness of Life. Naturally, this awakening will imply the alliance of civilizations for the World community. This work of defining the self-identity of the Asian Community is closely related to the historical and archaeological excavations of the hidden links between the Asian civilizations. The spiritual link has the significance of giving the meaning and direction of the community to these various social and cultural links. Our study on the common spiritual foundation of the Asian civilizations will make it clear that Asia is the morning land illuminating the verity.


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