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Foucault and Foucault Bibliography in Turkish Language

Keywords: Foucault , philosophy , bibliography , translation , Turkish.

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Foucault, a prominent philosopher of the twenteeth century, had quite on impact on philosophy, politics, history, sociology, literature, art and so on. Foucault’s works were translated into Turkish in the late 1980s and more frequently in the 1990s and in the early 2000’s, they were almost complete. Foucault, who is frequently referred in Turkish thought world, has been translation book, article and test subject fort the last two decades. Foucault entrance to Turkish literature shows parallelism with postmodernism debate in Turkish philosophy. The purpose of this bibliography is to make on inventory for Foucault’s works translated into Turkish and works and writings and about him, in order to provide convenience for the people who study Foucault.


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