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Retail sales forecasting with application the multiple regression

Keywords: regression analysis , dependent and independent variables , multiple regression model , goodness of fit and the statistical significance , trend extrapolation , retail sales forecast

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The article begins with a formulation for predictive learning called multiple regression model. Theoretical approach on construction of the regression models is described. The key information of the article is the mathematical formulation for the forecast linear equation that estimates the multiple regression model. Calculation the quantitative value of dependent variable forecast under influence of independent variables is explained. This paper presents the retail sales forecasting with multiple model estimation. One of the most important decisions a retailer can make with information obtained by the multiple regression. Recently, a changing retail environment is causing by an expected consumer’s income and advertising costs. Checking model on the goodness of fit and statistical significance are explored in the article. Finally, the quantitative value of retail sales forecast based on multiple regression model is calculated.


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