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Genetic divergence and parent selection of sugarcane clones

Keywords: Mixed models , plant breeding , Saccharum spp. , genetic distance

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The objective of this study was to estimate the genetic divergence of 140 sugarcane clones of the series RB97,in phase T3 of the Sugarcane Genetic Improvement Program of the Universidade Federal do Paraná, at three locations bymultivariate analysis, using the linear mixed model and grouping analysis by the Tocher procedure, based on Mahalanobis′generalized distance. The evaluated traits were number of stalks per plot, mass of ten stalks, Brix and Brix per plot in kg. Thenumber of groups varied according to the evaluated environment. Based on the results, combinations of one of the mostdivergent clones RB975008, RB975112, RB975019 RB975153 and RB975067 with any one of the most productive clonesRB975269, RB977533, RB975102, RB975317 and RB975038 are recommended.


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