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Genetic dissimilarity in cassava clones determined by multivariate techniques

Keywords: Mahalanobis' distance , Manihot esculenta , multivariate techniques

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The genetic dissimilarity in 15 cassava clones was evaluated based on seven morpho-agronomic traits andmultivariate procedures, aiming to select the most divergent and best in an approach to future hybridizations. The experimentwas carried out in 2003/2005, in random blocks, with three replications. Based on the matrix of Mahalanobis generalizeddistance, the clones were grouped as related to similarity, using the algorithms of Tocher and Nearest neighbor. The relativeimportance of the traits was also evaluated. The multivariate techniques were concordant in the study of genetic dissimilarityand efficient in grouping clones with short genetic distance. The following traits contributed most to the genetic diversity: totalweight of the aerial part, root diameter, root weight, length of tuber roots and harvest index.


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