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C-Band VSAT Data Communication System and RF Impairments

Keywords: BER , Convolutional codes , Link budget , Satellite Communication , VSAT.

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This paper is concerned with modelling and simulation of VSAT (very small aperture terminal) data messaging network operating in India at Karnataka with extended C-band. VSATs in Karnataka of KPTCL use VSATS 6.875-6.9465G Hz uplinks and 4.650- 4.7215 GHz downlinks. These frequencies are dedicated to fix services. The Satellite is Intelsat -3A, the hub has a 7.2 m diameter antenna and uses 350W or 600W TWTA (Travelling wave Tube Amplifier). The VSAT’s are 1.2 m with RF power of 1W or 2W depending on their position in the uplink beam with data rate of 64 or 128 K bit/s. The performanceof the system is analysed by the error probability called BER (Bit Error Rate) and results are derived from Earth station to hub and hub to Earth station using satellite Transponder as the media of communication channel. The Link budgets are developed for a single one-way satellite link.


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