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Marker-assisted selection for quantitative traits

Keywords: MAS , QTL , plant breeding , molecular breeding , genomic selection.

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Although thousands of scientific articles have been published on the subject of marker-assisted selection (MAS) andquantitative trait loci (QTL), the application of MAS for QTL in plant breeding has been restricted. Among the main causes for thislimited use are the low accuracy of QTL mapping and the high costs of genotyping thousands of plants with tens or hundreds ofmolecular markers in routine breeding programs. Recently, new large-scale genotyping technologies have resulted in a costreduction. Nevertheless, the MAS for QTL has so far been limited to selection programs using several generations per year, wherephenotypic selection cannot be performed in all generations, mainly in recurrent selection programs. Methods of MAS for QTL inbreeding programs using self-pollination have been developed.


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