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Wireless Sensor Networks: A Solution for Smart Transportation

Keywords: WSN , ITS , ANET , IVHW

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Wireless Sensor Networks recently have come into importance due to the fact that they have the prospective to revolutionize many segments of our financial system and life - from automation in shipping, environmental monitoring, transportation and healthcare industries.Transportation information collection and communication plays a key role in Intelligent Transportation System (ITS). Unfortunately, most conventional ITSs can only detect the vehicle in a fixed position, and their communication cables and power cables elevate the cost of construction and maintenance. Because of the advantages of the wireless sensor network (WSN) such as low power consumption, wireless distribution, and flexibility without cable restrictions., the usage of WSN in ITSs is expected to be able to overcome the above difficulties.Such networks are often deployed in resource-constrained environments, for instance with battery operated nodes running untethered. These constraints dictate that sensor network troubles are the best approached in a holistic manner, by jointly considering the physical, networking, and application layers and making major design trade-offs across the layers.


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