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Organizational Changes Management Concepts Formation at an Enterprise

Keywords: processes of organizational change , development processes , tools of organizational change.

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The organizational changes management concepts originate from the evolutionary theory and are connected with works of such authors as H.Aldridge, J. Pfeffer, M. Hannan and J. Freeman, G. Carrol. The scientists distinguish organizational forms (organization aggregates) as the object: organizational forms that best conform to the environment, are preferred in the selection process to those that do not conform at all or conform less.Along with the organization theory development organizational changes models have been formed. The first group of them was formed under the influence of technological and informational development in the middle 1990s, thus they consider the social and technical components of the organization. The following models are thought to be: the business transformations model by K. Levin, the business transformations model by F. Huiiar and J. Kelly, J.P. Kotter's concept, the "Alteration curve" by Duck, the E and the Oorganizational changes theories by M. Beer and N. Noria, The "Iceberg" model by S. N. Herman.The organizational changes management concept fundamental analysis has enabled the definition of the concept by F. Huiiar and J. Kelly as the basic one. This enabled to direct the search at the concept development, to form the initial enterprise organizational changes management terms, and to distinguish and develop a complex of strategic measures for organizational changes realization.


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