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Keywords: Mucoadhesion , Mucoadhesive polymers , Microspheres , Controlled drug delivery

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Over the last few years Pharmaceutical scientists are trying to explore transdermal and transmucosal routes as an alternative to injections. Buccal delivery of the desired drug using mucoadhesive polymers has been the subject of interest since the early 1980s. Conventional dosage forms for delivery of drugs via the oral mucosa include solutions, erodible or chewable, buccal or sublingual tablets and capsules. Unfortunately, a major portion of the drug in these systems may be unavailable due to involuntary swallowing and a very short residence time, because of mastication, speech etc and hence sustained release is usually not within the scope of such Formulations and development of Novel bioadhesive dosage forms for mucosal delivery of drugs that attempt to overcome these limitations. We formulated buccal drug delivery, the buccal cavity was found to be the most convenient and easily accessible site for the delivery of therapeutic agents for both local and systemic delivery as retentive dosage forms. Because buccal Adhesive drug delivery system prolong the residence time of the dosage form at the site of application or absorption and facilitate an intimate contact of the dosage form with the limited absorption surface and thus contribute to improved better therapeutic efficacy of the drug. Buccal administration of drugs provides a convenient route of administration for both systemic and local drug actions. Buccal drug delivery has gained significant attention and momentum since it offers remarkable advantages. This review article is an overview of buccal drug delivery systems encompassing a review of oral mucosa, active ingredient delivered via buccal route by different mucoadhesive formulations. Including, commercial technologies and future prospects of this route of drug delivery are discussed.


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