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Abnormal Brain MRI in a Case of Acute Ataxia as the Only Sign of Abdominal Neuroblastoma

Keywords: Neuroblastoma , Abnormal Neuroimaging Finding , Acute Ataxia

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Ataxia is a movement disorder that may manifest an acute, intermittent, non progressive or"nchronic progressive course. Ataxia alone is rare as a paraneoplastic sign, especially if it is due to"nneuroblastoma (abdominal or chest)."nWe report an abdominal neuroblastoma in a two-year-old girl presenting with only acute ataxia"nand abnormal neuroimaging. Brain MRI showed abnormal signal finding in the medulla, pons,"ncorticospinal tract and the periventricular space. In the abdominal CT, a mass was detected"nin the right adrenal gland with calcification and the histopathologic examination re-vealed"nneuroblastoma."nWe suggest in children with acute ataxia, with or without opsoclonus-myoclonus, neuroblastoma"nshould be considered.


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