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Chinese Medicine: a peer-reviewed open access journal for evidence-led Chinese medicine

DOI: 10.1186/1749-8546-1-1

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CM publishes articles reporting valuable research with general interest in any aspect of Chinese medicine, such as basic research, clinical research, methodologies, theories and diagnoses, materia medica, acupuncture and other non-pharmacologic modalities of the Chinese medical system. CM welcomes submission of papers on application of Chinese medicine in disease prevention, treatment/management, and rehabilitation. In addition to biomedical research, CM also accepts reports on various aspects of Chinese medicine research, including public health, regulation, management, education, technical translation, cultural exchange and internationalization. Multidisciplinary and translational research reports are also strongly encouraged. All research and review articles must be peer-reviewed to ensure that the valuable knowledge drawn from them is evidence-based, scientifically justified and ethical. Peer-review is conducted by at least two internationally recognized experts in the respective fields. Our high calibre reviewers and editors will only accept papers of high quality.Since the 1990s, there has been a phenomenal growth of interest in traditional medicine knowledge and practices, which is evident in the increasing World Health Organization (WHO) activities and publications, such as Global Strategy for Traditional Medicine (2002–2005) [3]. Research activities in Chinese medicine, one of the most used and best documented traditional medicines, have been increasing tremendously worldwide as well. A large portion of the research in Chinese medicine has been carried out in Asia, particularly in China, Japan and Korea, and reported in their native languages. As a result, currently available Chinese medicine literature published in English language journals does not meet the growing demand from the international scientific community for easy access to research findings in this field. Moreover, most Chinese medicine literature is scattered throughout a wide range of scienti


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