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PIER C  2010 

A Proposal Solution for Interference Inter-Operators

DOI: 10.2528/PIERC09110904

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With deregulation of telecom sector (law 24/96) in our country (Morocco), many operators of cellular network appear. Among the operators technology that operate, we find GSM9800 and CDMA900 that are used by two different operators. It turns out from the measurements of indicator of quality of service that the performance of GSM900 is degraded, and the major cause is the interference created by CDM800 which cannot be neglected. In this paper, we adopt a new approach in order to make GSM900 and CDMA800 operate in harmony. This method is based on a physical optimization of antenna systems and could be understood as a physical symmetry rotation in the space of parameters such that tilt and Azmit control the system. It independently reduces the interference effects on the distance between the base stations. Moreover, it allows us to improve client service without using hard installations and inexpensive technologies.


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