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PIER  2013 

The Fine-Grained Parallel Micro-Genetic Algorithm and its Application to Broadband Conical Corrugated-Horn Antenna

DOI: 10.2528/PIER13030908

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The fine-grained parallel micro-genetic algorithm (FGPMGA) is developed to solve antenna design problems. The synthesis of uniformly exited unequally spaced array is presented. Comparison with the micro-genetic algorithm (MGA) has been carried out. It is seen that the FGPMGA significantly outperforms MGA, in terms of both the convergence rate and exploration ability. The FGPMGA can also reduce the optimization time. Then the FGPMGA and the body of revolution finite-difference time-domain (BOR-FDTD) are combined to achieve an automated design process for conical corrugated-horn antenna. Numerical simulation results show that the horn antenna has good impedance matching (the VSWR is less than 1.5), stable beamwidth and gain, as well as good rotation symmetry patterns over the whole band 8~13 GHz.


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