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PIER  2013 

Scattered Field Computation with an Extended Feti-Dpem2 Method

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Due to the increasing number of applications in engineering design and optimization, more and more atention has been paid to full-wave simulations based on computational electromagnetics. In particular, the finite-element method (FEM) is well suited for problems involving inhomogeneous and arbitrary shaped objects. Unfortunately, solving large-scale electromagnetic problems with FEM may be time consuming. A numerical scheme, called the dual-primal finite element tearing and interconnecting method (FETI-DPEM2), distinguishes itself through the partioning on the computation domain into non-overlapping subdomains where incomplete solutions of the electrical field are evaluated independently. Next, all the subdomains are ``glued'' together using a modified Robintype transmission condition along each common internal interface, apart from the corner points where a simple Neumann-type boundary condition is imposed. We propose an extension of the FETI-DPEM2 method where we impose a Robin type boundary conditions at each interface point, even at the corner points. We have implemented this Extended FETI-DPEM2 method in a bidimensional configuration while computing the field scattered by a set of heterogeneous, eventually anistropic, scatterers. The results presented here will assert the efficiency of the proposed method with respect to the classical FETI-DPEM2 method, whatever the mesh partition is arbitrary defined.


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