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PIER B  2010 

A Novel of Reconfigurable Planar Antenna Array (Rpaa) with Beam Steering Control

DOI: 10.2528/PIERB10020710

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A new antenna structure is formed by combining the concept of reconfigurable planar antenna array (RPAA) with the parasitic elements to produce beam steering patterns. The antenna has been integrated with the PIN diode switches that enable the beam to be steered in the desired direction. This has been done by changing the switch state to either on or off mode. In this work, a number of parasitic elements have been applied to the antenna, namely reflectors and directors. They are placed in between the driven elements, which is aimed to improve the beam steering angle. With such configuration, the main beam radiated by the array can be tilted due to the effect of mutual coupling between the driven elements and parasitic elements (reflectors and director). The unique property of this antenna design is that instead of fabricating all together in the same plane, the antenna's feeding network is separated from the antenna radiating elements (the patches) by an air gap distance. This allows reducing the spurious effects from the feeding line. The optimization results for the resonant frequencies of the antennas with variable air gap heights are also been studied. The antenna is made for 5.8 GHz. Good agreement is achieved between the simulation and measurement.


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