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Study of resonant processes for multi-pion production in $\bar p +p\to\ell ^++\ell^- +n_\pi \pi$ annihilation

DOI: 10.1016/j.physletb.2007.04.042

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In frame of a phenomenological approach based on Compton-like Feynman amplitudes, we study multi-pion production in antiproton nucleon collisions. The main interest of this reaction is related to the possibility to study the properties of the presumable $\bar N N$ atom and of its resonances. For the case of formation of a scalar or pseudoscalar resonant state, with $I^G(J^{P})=1^-(0^{\pm}),~0^+(0^-)$ numerical results are obtained. The differential cross section in an experimental set-up where the pions invariant mass is measured, is given with explicit dependence on the lepton pair and pions invariant mass.


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