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LHC SUSY searches after the Higgs discovery: respecting the muon g-2

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SUSY searches at the LHC as well as the 126 GeV Higgs boson indicate that superparticles, especially squarks and gluinos, are not so light as we expected. It is important to investigate SUSY searches which do not rely on the colored superparticles. As a clue for the investigation, we focus on the muon g-2 anomaly, which can be explained by the SUSY contributions if some of neutralinos, charginos, and sleptons are as light as of order 100 GeV. We propose the muon-(g-2)-motivated MSSM as a benchmark model, where squarks are decoupled but the superparticles corresponding to the muon g-2 are light enough to explain the anomaly. We also interpret the up-to-date results of LHC SUSY searches, and obtain experimental constraints on the model. We show searches for direct production of charginos and neutralinos work very well against the scenario, but several regions are not only remain uncovered but even found challenging to be searched for at the LHC. It is ascertained that, in order to draw out latent potential of the LHC, strategies to attack these regions should be developed.


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