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Alkali-resistant performance of V2O5-MoO3/TiO2 catalyst modified by SiO2
SiO2改性的V2O5-MoO3/ TiO2催化剂抗碱中毒性能研究

Keywords: selective catalytic reduction,V2O5-MoO3/ TiO2,SiO2 modification,alkali poisoning,de-NOx

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V2O5-MoO3/ TiO2 catalyst was prepared by sol-gel and impregnation method and modified with SiO2 to improve its alkali-resistant performance.The alkali poisoning was simulated by the immersion of the catalyst in alkali salt solution.The effect of SiO2 modification on the de-NOx activity of V2O5-MoO3/ TiO2 catalyst in the selective catalytic reduction was investigated.BET,H2-TPR and NH3-TPD measurements indicated that the specific surface area,the redox ability(the reduction temperature is decreased by 10 ℃) and the acidity of the SiO2-modified V2O5-MoO3/TiO2catalyst are increased obviously.As a result,the alkali-resistant performance of V2O5-MoO3/ TiO2 catalyst was improved largely by the SiO2 modification.


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