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Effect of reduction temperature on the properties and Fischer-Tropsch synthesis performance of Fe-Mo catalysts

Keywords: Fischer-Tropsch synthesis,iron-based catalyst,Mo promotion,hydrogen adsorption,reduction temperature

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Effects of reduction temperature on the properties and Fischer-Tropsch synthesis(FTS) performance of Fe-Mo catalyst were studied.Catalysts were characterized by N2 adsorption,X-ray diffraction(XRD),Mssbauer effect spectroscopy(MES) and H2 temperature-programmed desorption(TPD).The characterization results indicate that the crystallite size of metallic iron,the reduction degree and the carbide content(in catalysts after reaction) monotonously increase with increasing reduction temperature,while the amount of H2 chemisorption on metallic iron sites show a maximum at reduction temperature at 350 ℃.FTS performance was tested in a fixed-bed reactor at 280 ℃,1.5 MPa,2 000 h-1 and syngas H2/CO= 2.0.It is found that the steady-state FTS activity and the heavy hydrocarbons(C5+) selectivity of the catalyst increase up to 350 ℃,and then decrease with further increasing reduction temperature.The catalyst redu at 350 ℃shows the optical FTS performance.


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