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Preparation and catalytic properties of Ni(Co)-W-B amorphous catalysts for 4-cresol hydrodeoxygenation

Keywords: amorphous catalyst,hydrodeoxygenation,4-cresol,bio-oil

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Ni-W-B and Co-W-B amorphous catalysts were prepared by chemical reduction.The resulting materials were characterized by BET,XRD and XPS,and the hydrodeoxygenation(HDO) performances of the catalysts were tested using 4-cresol as the model compound.The results showed that both of the two catalysts were amorphous structure.They showed high deoxygenation activity in the HDO of 4-cresol.However,in the HDO of 4-cresol at 523 K,Ni-W-B had high hydrogenation activity,showing 100.0% conversion of 4-cresol,55.1% selectivity to 4-methylcyclohexanol and 44.1% of selectivity to deoxygenation.Co-W-B showed high activity of deoxygenation and the selectivity of deoxygenation was as high as 93.1%.It was mainly attributed to the different composition content of different elements with different valence states on the surface of the catalysts.Both of 4-cresol conversion and selectivity to deoxygenation could reach 100% over them at the conditions of 573 K and 4.0 MPa of hydrogen.


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