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Viruses  2010 

Interaction of Host Cellular Proteins with Components of the Hepatitis Delta Virus

DOI: 10.3390/v2010189

Keywords: hepatitis delta virus (HDV), delta antigens (HDAg-S and HDAg-L), DNA-dependant RNA polymerase (RNAP)

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The hepatitis delta virus (HDV) is the smallest known RNA pathogen capable of propagation in the human host and causes substantial global morbidity and mortality. Due to its small size and limited protein coding capacity, HDV is exquisitely reliant upon host cellular proteins to facilitate its transcription and replication. Remarkably, HDV does not encode an RNA-dependent RNA polymerase which is traditionally required to catalyze RNA-templated RNA synthesis. Furthermore, HDV lacks enzymes responsible for post-transcriptional and -translational modification, processes which are integral to the HDV life cycle. This review summarizes the known HDV-interacting proteins and discusses their significance in HDV biology.


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