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Viruses  2010 

RNA Editing and its Control in Hepatitis Delta Virus Replication

DOI: 10.3390/v2010131

Keywords: hepatitis delta virus, RNA editing, hepatitis delta antigen, ADAR1, RNA structure, RNA structural dynamics, RNA-protein interactions

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The hepatitis delta virus genome is a small circular RNA, similar to viroids. Although HDV contains a gene, the protein produced (HDAg) is encoded by less than half the genome and possesses no RNA polymerase activity. Because of this limited coding capacity, HDV relies heavily on host functions and on structural features of the viral RNA—very much like viroids. The virus’ use of host RNA editing activity to produce two functionally distinct forms of HDAg is a particularly good example of this reliance. This review covers the mechanisms and control of RNA editing in the HDV replication cycle.


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