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资源科学  2007 

The Sync-Utilization Mode of Water, Land and Coal Resources in Coal Mining Subsidence Area

Keywords: Land reclamation,Mine water use,Resources mutual consumption,Resources sync-utilization

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Water,land and coal resources are of great significance for economic booming and social stability of China in the 21st Century.However,in the coal mining area,there exists a complex relation among water,land and coalmine which lead to water and land resources are wasted because of coal exploitation.On one hand,coal mining can damage groundwater circulating system,induce groundwater contamination and land subsidence of large area.On the other hand,groundwater can flood coalmine and land,which disturbs coal exploitation work and makes existing land use lost or changed.Based on the analysis of the relations among three resources,this paper put forward a new concept of "resources sync-utilization",which suggests that rational utilization of some kind of resources mutually interacting can make best use of all kinds of resources.We classify "resources sync-utilization" in coal mining area into two types,the period of mining and the period of mine closure.The key to the success of former resources sync-utilization lies in appropriate coal mining technique and rational mining ratio,and that of the latter one is rational utilization of water resource.In order to further explain how to realize "resources sync-utilization",we take an example of Nan'si Lake Basin in Shandong, located in the influence area of South to North Water Diversion Project(East Route),the present severe land subisdence and flood caused by coal mining will become worsen because of the diversion of water.So three suggestions is given in order to archive the goal of "resources sync-utilization" in Nan'si Lake Basin: 1) water transfer scheme by multi-stage conduit pipe;2) contain groundwater in the subsidence area in the running of water quantity management system of South to North Water Diversion Project;3)recover the land use by pumping shallow-aquifer groundwater.The study on sync-utilization mode of water,land and coal resources should be dominant research direction in the future China,especially in the plain coal mining area,which will be an effective method for solving the problem of resources shortage.Moreover,mine water is a potential groundwater resource whose value has not been recognized yet,but has a good prospect of application.


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