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Pre-stack simultaneous AVA inversion algorithm with simulated annealing

Keywords: simulatedannealing,pre-stacksimultaneousinversion,Zoeppritzequations,anglegather

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Prestack inversion has been key technique for lithology prediction and fluids identify. At the same time this technique will play an important role in oil and gas exploration. In this paper, a new method will be present in this paper. In this method, multiple angle stack seismic data, priori P wave velocity, S wave velocity and density etc, have been used for import data. At the same time Seismic, geology and well log information have been used for restraint information. At last We use annealing global optimization algorithm and simultaneous inversion P wave impudence, S wave impdence,density, Mu,Lambdaetc., 23 kinds of rock elastic paramters model. The main unique feature as follows: 1) Full Knott-Zoeppritz equations are used to determine reflection coefficients .2) With facility objection function.3) The results in depth domain can be abtained. 4) An individual wavelet is used for each angular offset. The good effects were achieved in real seismic data. This is shown that the methods are feasible, reliable and practicablity. This methods not only reserves the relationship of AVO but also effectively advance the accuracy of reservori prediction and fluids identify.


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