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资源科学  2007 

The Relationships between Farm Household''''s Income and Land Management Practices in Citrus Industrial Zone of Three-Gorgers'''' Reservoir Area

Keywords: Farm household's income,Land management practices,Citrus,Three-Gorgers Reservoir Area

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Three-Gorgers Reservoir Area is very suitable for citrus growth.Nowadays,it has been some scales in citrus production.The citrus can protect soil and water from loss,and has lower demand to relief conditions,compared to the other crops.Citrus,being one of the most important industries is the result of the coupling between natural select and farm household's behaviors.This study,using primary data covering a cross-section citrus growers involving Changsha of Kaixian,Zhuyi of Fengjie and 30 citrus gardens,examines the relationship between farm household's income and land management practices in citrus industrial zone of Three-Gorgers Reservoir Area,where citrus is the main competitor for land use.The results indicated that the scales of citrus plants induced the different inputs of land management practices,and resulted in the differentiation of farm household's income.In Changsha of Kaixian and Zhuyi of Fengjie,the income of citrus increased 9.25% and 10.52%,when the scales of citrus plants enhancing 1%.Under the different scales of citrus plants,farm households have different demand for technologies in terms of management of citrus gardens,fertilizing, irrigation,and control of diseases and pests.Thus,these lead to the difference in yield,quality and price of citrus.Farm household increasingly attended technique training and consultation,following the expansion of citrus plant scale.Farmers,possessing a number of citrus,presented strong aspiration for technologies.The scales of citrus determined the yield,which in turn the yield of citrus affected the farm household's income.However,the ratio of the income resulting from citrus to farm household's total income determined farm household's attitudes toward citrus,and further affected the additional inputs of farm household land management practices.The differences of land management practices among farm households,in turn,influenced the yield and quality of citrus,and further presented significant differences among farm household's income.Land management practices have played more primary roles in farm household's behaviors,and been critical factors determining their income.It is suggested that it is possible to provide micro-practical foundation for the industrialized production of citrus and corresponding inputs on land management practices,and to apply ground information for reconstructing appropriate strategy of citrus growth.


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