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The Outline and General Comments about the Advance of the Resevoir Geophysics Project Implemented in Daqing Oilfield

Keywords: discovery of the huge gas field in Daqing,reservoir geophysics,3D wave equation pre-stack depth migration,PC-cluster

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Shortly after the constitution of this project,in order to verify the feasibility of the theoretical research implementation,we proposed an additional requirement of direct involving in the production of oil and gas reservoirs in the outer part and deep part of Daqing,so that the overall merit of both theoretical research and practical application of this project can be improved.With the successful construction of PC-clusters and development of the seismic data parallel processing system plus assistant software packages in 1998,we built up the 3D wave equation pre-stack depth migration algorithm and the corresponding software in 2000,which is synchronous with international seismic exploration community.Such an achievement greatly improves the capability of seismic imaging in China.In the year of 1999,we assembled an eight-node PC-cluster and processed 150 km-long seismic profiles.In paticular,on the depth map of line 82,we clearly imaged the internal structure and fault character of an uplift in a depression area.After a rearrangement of 3D seismic exploration and with many research works,a great break through was achieved accomanying the drilling of the Xushen No.1 well and leading to the discovery of the huge gas field in Daqing.This success remarkably improves the continuable development foreground of Daqing oilfield.We have also built up two reservoir geophysics research centers in Beijing and Daqing,respectively.It has been proved that proper and reasonable research organization and activity will benefit the integration and application of the products of a great scientific project,and is key to make progress with combined efforts consecutively and efficiently.


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