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Dynamic spreading behavior of homogeneous and heterogeneous networks

Keywords: complex networks,dynamic epidemic spreading,SIS model,homogeneous networks,heterogeneous networks,containment strategies

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The detailed investigation of the dynamic epidemic spreading on homogeneous and heterogeneous networks was carried out. After the analysis of the basic epidemic models, the susceptible-infected-susceptible (SIS) model on homogenous and heterogeneous networks is established, and the dynamical evolution of the density of the infected individuals in these two different kinds of networks is analyzed theoretically. It indicates that heterogeneous networks are easier to propagate for the epidemics and the leading spreading behavior is dictated by the exponential increasing in the initial outbreaks. Large-scale simulations display that the infection is much faster on heterogeneous networks than that on homogeneous ones. It means that the network topology can have a significant effect on the epidemics taking place on complex networks. Some containment strategies of epidemic outbreaks are presented according to the theoretical analyses and numerical simulations.


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