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Sensors  2009 

Overview of Electrochemical DNA Biosensors: New Approaches to Detect the Expression of Life

DOI: 10.3390/s90403122

Keywords: DNA chip, Electrochemical DNA detection, Biosensors, Microarray

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DNA microarrays are an important tool with a variety of applications in gene expression studies, genotyping, pharmacogenomics, pathogen classification, drug discovery, sequencing and molecular diagnostics. They are having a strong impact in medical diagnostics for cancer, toxicology and infectious disease applications. A series of papers have been published describing DNA biochips as alternative to conventional microarray platforms to facilitate and ameliorate the signal readout. In this review, we will consider the different methods proposed for biochip construction, focusing on electrochemical detection of DNA. We also introduce a novel single-stranded DNA platform performing high-throughput SNP detection and gene expression profiling.


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