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CP embedding agent and its application to the serial section of the body wall tissue of insects

Keywords: CP embedding agent,insect body wall tissue,serial section

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The key of tissue section technique is the selection and application of the embedding agent. Based on the specific characteristics of the tissue and outer skeleton of insects, a new kind of embedding agent, colophony and paraffin (CP), was used without destroying the integrity of insect organs. The tissue can be sliced continuously by the use of CP embedding technique. It solves the 3 difficult problems in the serial section of the organ and tissue of insect, namely stiff materials, thin section and continuity of sections. These difficult problems are not solved by any unitary tissue section technique that is used now, including the paraffin section technique. By using the CP embedding technique, any parts or organs (like antenna, leg and wing) and even the whole body of insects (mini body) can be sliced up continuously. It will open up wide possibilities for the study of inner structure, the interrelations among organs, the micro-characteristics and the physiological functions of insects systematically.


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