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A marriage of chemistry and biology

Keywords: 细胞生物化学,生物机理,小分子,蛋白质,染色体遗传

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1 Feature: Harvard Institute of Chemistry and Cell Biology (ICCB) One of the major challenges of post-genomic world is how to identify functions of all the proteins encoded by our genome and speed up the process of drug discovery. Harvard Institute of Chemistry and Cell Biology (ICCB) was set up in 1998 to meet this challenge by pursuing a novel field called "Chemical Biology". ICCB is headed by world-renowned chemist Dr. Stuart Schreiber and biologist Dr. Tim Mitchison. Currently ICCB consists of 14 laboratories from the Department of Cell Biology, Harvard Medical School, at Boston and the Department of Chemistry, Harvard University, at Cambridge. Three core facilities, High-throughput Screening, Analytical Chemistry and Biological/Chemical Informatics, are open to the whole Harvard research community for identification of novel chemical ligands for interested biology. ICCB currently employs about 50 researchers and occupies around 10000 sq. ft. of lab space at Harvard Medical School campus. ICCB is supported by grants from NCI and NIGMS as well as by private funding from Merck, Merck KGaA, and the Keck foundation.


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