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Immunodominance-based Clonal Network Clustering Algorithm for Intrusion Detection

Keywords: Immunodominance,Non-uniform mutation,Clonal selection,Forbidden clone,Evolutionary network,Intrution dctctlion

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According to the idea of intelligent complementary fusion, a combination of immunodominance, inverse operation, clonal selection, non-uniform mutation and forbidden clone was employed in a novel clustering method with network structure for intrusion detection. The clustering process was adjusted in accordance with affinity function and evolution strategics. So an intelligent, self-adaptive and self-learning network was `evolved' to reflect the distribution of original data. Then the minimal spanning tree was employed to perform clustering analysis and obtain the classification of normal and anormal data. I}he simulations through the KDD CUP99 dataset show that the novel method can deal with massive unlabeled data to distinguish normal case and anomaly and even can detect unknown intrusions effectively.


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