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Self-healing Intrusion Tolerant Method Based on J2EE Application Server

Keywords: Intrusion tolerance,Self-healing,J2EE application server,Self-healing intrusion tolerance

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Aiming at the limitation for intrusion-tolerant and self-healing, this paper presented a self-healing intrusion-tolerant model based on J2EE application server, and presented an self-healing intrusion-tolerant method for this model. Compared with the traditional method, this method not only solved the limitation for intrusion-tolerant, for example,the hidden intrusion, software aging, and the vulnerable prerequisite of intrusion tolerance, but also solved the problem of intrusion in the self-healing. Finally, comparison tests of the self-healing intrusion tolerance clusters,JANTM clusters and J13oss4. 0 clusters verify the self-healing intrusion tolerance method to make self-healing intrusion tolerance clusters higher reliability and survivability.


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