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Study on Context-aware Technologies for Internet of Things

Keywords: Internet of things,Context-aware,Collaborative awareness

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Unlike Internet which connects people all over the world,Internet of Things(IoT) is a net of things which connects the marked and intelligent entities by using various of wireless technologies.As technologies of information industry and wireless communication have developed,computing resources surround people.Context-aware systems emerge at this time.Context-aware systems deal with the pervasive contextual information captured by numbers of sensors and then provide users with the right services.IoT features its requirement of dealing with mass data.Due to these characteristics,the current technologies are nolonger working well.Inthis paper,we did a survey on the context-aware systems.Wemade definitions of context and context-aware,introduced the development and applications of context-aware technology,and then considering of IoT,we approached the flow or progress of context-aware system,including context collecting,context modeling and intelligent information processing.Finally,we analyzed the cruuenct context-aware architectures and made some improvements.


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