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The Convergence of Grid and Web Services-WSRF and WS-Notification

Keywords: WS-Notification,Grid,OGSI,State modeling

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The WS-Notification specification and the WS-Resource Framework (WSRF) provide a scalable publish/ subscribe (pub/sub) messaging model and the ability to model stateful resources using Web services. In this paper, the relationhip between OGSI and the WSRF is introduced first. WSRF can be viewed as a straightforward re factoring of the concepts and interfaces developed in the OGSI version 1.0 specification. WSRF tries to model Stateful Re- sources with Web Services Resource approach to declaring and implementing the association between a Web service and one or more named typed state components. An approach is described for making the properties of a WS-Re- source accessible through its Web service interface and for managing a WS-Resource's lifetime. The discussion on how a pub/sub notification mechanism (WS-Notification) can be built on top of the WS Resource framework is also given. Finally,this paper also presents a summary of WSRF and WS-Notification briefly and a simple discussion on the future research.


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