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Transformation Behavior of Ti50-x/2Ni50-x/2Cux alloys

Keywords: microstructure,transformation,shape memory,Ti-Ni-Cu

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Phase transformation behavior of Ti50-x/2Ni50-x/2Cux (x=2, 5, 15) alloys was investigated using differential scanning calorimetry (DSC). The results show that Ti50-x/2Ni50-x/2Cux alloys undergo a two-stage martensitic transformation on cooling and transform reversely in one stage on heating when treated at 823K for 5 hours. Heat treatment has no effect on the transformation behavior of Ti49Ni49Cu2 alloy but does influence that of Ti47.5Ni47.5Cu5 alloy and Ti42.5Ni42.5Cu15 alloy. Effect of heat treatment is related with precipitation of CuNiTi phase. The maximum recoverable elongation of Ti49Ni49Cu2 wire is about 6%.


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