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菌物学报  2013 

Altitudinal patterns of the lichen genus Cladonia (Lichenized Ascomycota) in China

Keywords: 概率分布模型,单峰模式,拉波波特法则,枝状地衣

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Altitudinal patterns of the lichen genus Cladonia and 18 species in the genus were investigated based on herbarium collections. Species in the genus are inclined to grow at high elevation. Normal and lognormal probability patterns are ubiquitous for vertical distribution of these species, and vertical patterns are somewhat elevation-dependent. The altitudinal ranges of the species were found to decrease with increase of altitude. These evidences suggest an immediate threat from global warming to some species growing at higher elevation in the genus. Ecological evidence also confirms C. bacillaris and C. macilenta are conspecific.


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