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菌物学报  2013 

Endophytic Pestalotiopsis from the main pine species in Sichuan

Keywords: Pestalotiopsis,morphological characteristics,ITS sequences

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One hundred and ninety-nine isolates of endophytic Pestalotiopsis were isolated from 2,400 tissue masses of healthy branches, leaves and stems of five species of pine in Sichuan, and 11 species were identified based on morphological characteristics and ITS sequences. The average isolation rates of endophytic Pestalotiopsis was 8.29%. P. uvicola and P. gaurae were dominant among the 11 species, which were firstly recorded on pines in Sichuan. Molecular phylogenetic analysis based on ITS sequences indicated that there were some genetic differences among these endophytic Pestalotiopsis species, and part of them were highly homologeneous with the pathogenic Pestalotiopsis.


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