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Materials  2010 

Description of Extrudate Swell for Polymer Nanocomposites

DOI: 10.3390/ma3010386

Keywords: extrudate swell, nanocomposite, capillary, concentration shift factor

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Extrudate swell is often observed to be weakened in nanocomposites compared to the pure polymer matrix. A theory quantifying this would be significant either for optimum processing or for understanding their viscoelasticity. A unified extrudate swell correlation with material properties and capillary parameters was suggested for polymer melt and their nanocomposites when considering the reservoir entry effect. More importantly, it was the first to find that the composite swell ratio can be the matrix swell ratio multiplied by the concentration shift factor, which is similar to the dynamic moduli expression for composites. The factor is a function of the shear field (stress or shear rate), filler content, filler internal structure and the surface state as well as the matrix properties. Several sets of swell data for nanocomposites were chosen from publications to test the new theories. The proposed quantitative model displayed good fit for the five kinds of nanocomposites, which verified the rationality of the swell theory for nanocomposites.


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