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Molecules  2010 

Photoresponsive Block Copolymers Containing Azobenzenes and Other Chromophores

DOI: 10.3390/molecules15010570

Keywords: photoresponsive block copolymers, microphase separation, azobenzenes, liquid crystals, advanced materials

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Photoresponsive block copolymers (PRBCs) containing azobenzenes and other chromophores can be easily prepared by controlled polymerization. Their photoresponsive behaviors are generally based on photoisomerization, photocrosslinking, photoalignment and photoinduced cooperative motions. When the photoactive block forms mesogenic phases upon microphase separation of PRBCs, supramolecular cooperative motion in liquid-crystalline PRBCs enables them to self-organize into hierarchical structures with photoresponsive features. This offers novel opportunities to photocontrol microphase-separated nanostructures of well-defined PRBCs and extends their diverse applications in holograms, nanotemplates, photodeformed devices and microporous films.


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