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Wireless video surveillance system based on H. 264 and 3G technology and optimized rate control algorithm
基于 3G和 H. 264技术的无线视频监控系统

Keywords: 3G,H,264,video surveillance system,rate control

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As the demand for network video surveillance equipment, this paper designed and realized the wireless video sur-veillancesystembasedon3GandH.264technology.Thesystemintegratedvideocompression, embeddedsystemsandwireless communications and related technologies. As the rate control algorithm of H. 264 emphasis too much on versatility without tak-ing into account about the high error rate of wireless networks, and with limited processing power of embedded terminals, the system optimized rate control algorithm of H. 264 to fit these conditions. Experimental results show that there is no significant increase in the coded bits, but the image PSNR value has increased, and thus achieves a better rate control effect.


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