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Photoelectrocatalysis and degradation of Tracid Bordeaux by TiO2 film coating electrode

Keywords: TiO2,film coating,Tracid Bordeaux,photoelectrocatalysis

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Photoelectrocatalysis reactor was designed and assembled to treat Tracid Bordeaux wastewater, titanium plate coated with TiO2 thin film by sol-gel method was used as electrodes. The synergy of photo-electric reaction and the effects of initial dyes concentration, voltage, pH and electrolyte concentration on decoloration were discussed. The result shows that photochemical catalysis and electrochemical oxidation have cooperative effects. The decoloring rates of ultraviolet light catalysis and electro-catalysis to tracid bordeaux were 44.27% and 13.12%, respectively. However, the decoloring rate of photoelectrocatalysis (ultraviolet light plus voltage of 10 V) reached as high as 77.18%. The low initial concentration, moderate voltage and alkaline pH led to higher decoloring rate of tracid bordeaux wastewater. The electrolyte was beneficial to decoloration. The higher the electrolyte concentration was, the higher decoloring rate would be.


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