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Assessing cypermethrin-contaminated soil with three di erent earthworm test methods

Keywords: earthworms,pesticide,cypermethrin,survival,fecundity,avoidance response,environment disrupting chemicals

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A series of tests (lethal, sublethal, and behavioral) on earthworms were conducted as an eco-assessment of pesticides. In this study, the toxicity of cypermethrin-contaminating soil on adult and juvenile earthworms was assessed. Beside the acute and chronic tests, an avoidance response test was carried out. It was shown that the all-round toxicity from cypermethrin was weak on adult earthworms. Compared with adult earthworms, the toxicity of juvenile earthworms from cypermethrin especially chronic toxicity increased significantly. Growth and reproduction of earthworms appeared to be more severely a ected by cypermethrin at juvenile stage than at adult stage. Applied at 10 mg/kg, cypermethrin had obvious adverse impact on the growth of juvenile earthworms, while 20 mg/kg, cypermethrin caused significant toxic e ects in reproduction. The results also indicated that ecotoxicological risk assessment using only adult specimens may underestimate the e ects of cypermethrin on soil invertebrate populations.


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