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Materials  2010 

Preparation of Fast Dissolving Films for Oral Dosage from Natural Polysaccharides

DOI: 10.3390/ma3084291

Keywords: fast dissolving film, natural polysaccharides, dexamethasone, pilocarpine, lactoferinfast dissolving film, natural polysaccharides, dexamethasone, pilocarpine, lactoferin

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Fast-dissolving films (FDFs) were prepared from natural polysaccharides, such as pullulan, without heating, controlling the pH, or adding other materials. The release profiles of model drugs from the films were investigated. In the absence of a drug, the casting method and subsequent evaporation of the solvent resulted in the polysaccharide forming a circular film. The presence of drugs (both their type and concentration) affected film formation. The thickness of the film was controllable by adjusting the concentration of the polysaccharide, and regular unevenness was observed on the surface of 2% pullulan film. All films prepared with polysaccharides readily swelled in dissolution medium, released the incorporated compound, and subsequently disintegrated. The release of dexamethasone from the films was complete after 15 min, although this release rate was slightly slower than that of pilocarpine or lidocaine. Therefore, FDFs prepared from polysaccharides could be promising candidates as oral dosage forms containing drugs, and would be expected to show drug dissolution in the oral cavity.


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